We’ve been very busy with children’s bespoke furniture

Hello readers. It’s been quite a while since this blog was updated so I thought that I should quickly fill you in on everything that’s been going on since we last spoke.

We’ve been exceptionally busy in the last few months and most of our new work has been gorgeous, bespoke furniture for children. This summer saw us partner with Harrods – the world’s best department store – to sell our range of luxury playhouses, tree houses and, well basically, all of our products. One of my favourite products of the partnership so far has been Room For A Princess, which is the bespoke dressing room that we created for them. You can see this on the shop floor of their Toy Kingdom department in their flagship Knightsbridge, London store.














We’ve also been very hard at work creating some incredible themed children’s bedrooms and I hope to have all the photos online for you to see soon. As a quick sneak-peak below you can see the custom artwork being painted onto the walls. You can probably guess that this is a car-themed bedroom and you’d be halfway there 😉

Bespoke Children's Bedroom

We’ve also been busy creating case studies of our projects where you can get a good look behind the scenes at The Master  Wishmakers and see how we create some of our bespoke architecture and interiors.

I’ll be sure to keep you much more up to date  – we’ve got some incredible projects coming up that I’m very excited to show you.

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