Room For A Princess is a bespoke interior dressing room that was commissioned by the world-famous Harrods for their flagship Knightsbridge store.

This princess dressing room is situated inside the fantastical Kid’s Kingdom area and has been lovingly handmade in our Northamptonshire workshop. The main structure, along with all the carvings and mouldings, has been crafted from the finest tulipwood, which lends itself perfectly to such an application. The fleur de lis finials on the roof are also made from tulipwood and provide a lovely extra detail.

The floor is our take on classic marquetry and was painstakenly put together using American walnut, maple and oak.

Probably the most strking features on this bespoke interior project are the copper turrets, where each one has been made by hand exclusively for this dressing room. You can also find copper on the hips and ridges. Harrods has a long history of using gorgeous copper in many areas of the store and is most prominent in the food halls.

To top everything off our expert and very talented artists applied the custom finish that makes Room For A Princess probably the most stunning dressing room in a department store in the world.

This dressing room also serves as a sales portal for The Master Wishmakers and this is why we have included TV screens on the exterior walls showcasing our portfolio.