Challis Island is a private commission for a client who simply loves all things pirate. Nestling in a lake within sixty acres of English countryside, we created a Caribbean island oasis, sending all who visit it swashbuckling back in time. As well as the engineering, construction and planting of the main 3m high island foundation, we designed, manufactured and installed various beautiful and authentic hand built structures, waterways and individual features which can all be seen in the video and gallery.

The island has the following main features:

  • The Black Doubloon – fully working pub
  • Coffer Cabin – guest house
  • Dead Man’s Deck – sun deck that’s perfect for those pirate Caribbean barbeques
  • Lubber’s Locker – beach hut
  • Man made beach
  • Waterway and lagoon that winds its way to a spectacular waterfall

Challis Island represents the pinnacle of British design and engineering. All structures and features have been crafted by hand by our artisans from top grade materials – no plastic imitation theme park trickery here! The Black Doubloon and Coffer’s Cabin utilise European oak and Douglas fir in their timber frame construction and the roofs are tiled in hand-split cedar shingle tiles. You can also find thatched roofs, which again harness another great British skill.

Here at The Master Wishmakers we pride ourselves on our attention to detail and this is why we have worked with only the best scenic artists to add those final touches that really make Challis Island the most spectacular pirate adventure since the 18th Century.

The buildings on Challis Island were first handmade in our workshop before being dismantled and then re-erected on the island itself. The time lapse video below shows the construction taking place in our workshop.