Pirates Off The M11: Millionaire builds fantasy island on his estate

It looks like backdrop for Jack Sparrow to sail towards under a Caribbean sun, but this pirate island has actually been built by an eccentric millionaire on his English country estate.

Situated in the middle of a lake, it includes a working pub named The Black Doubloon, a boat dock, a waterfall and a beach. Coffer Cabin contains a specially designed pirate bed.

The owner has not been named but he is under 40 and is said to have been inspired by “his love of all things pirate”. He commissioned the construction of Challis Island on his 60-acre Cambridgeshire estate 18 months ago. He was said yesterday to be “over the moon” with the result and to have bought himself a pirate costume as he prepares to live like Pirates of the Caribbean, the films in which Johnny Depp plays Sparrow.

The company behind the project, The Master Wishmakers, based in Northants, is more used to creating one-off playhouses and bedrooms. It drained the existing lake and employed 15 craftsmen at a cost of millions of pounds, working from the designers sketches and verbal explanations.

Click here to view Challis Island

By Victoria Ward and George Ryan

© Daily Telegraph

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  1. […] The island, built three feet above the lake from scratch, also includes landscaping features such as a beach, stream, a lagoon and a waterfall. It was built by The Master Wishmakers, who specialize in making wealthy clients’ dreams come true without using “plastic imitation theme park trickery.” (Source 1 | Source 2) […]

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