The ultimate tree house from The Master Wishmakers

Robb Report $62m Tree House Press Release

The Master Wishmakers – specialists in magnificent themed architecture and interiors – have worked with the luxury US lifestyle magazine, Robb Report, to create a 20,000 sq ft tree house featuring a rooftop pool, a helipad, and a water operated elevator. This concept will cost one lucky (deep-pocketed) buyer £38m.

Hot on the heels of completing Challis Island – a handmade pirate island in Cambridgeshire, England –  The Master Wishmakers have been up their antics again by designing what has to be the world’s most luxurious tree house. The proposed design entails five separate pods connected to a central trunk that is crafted from load-bearing steel and clad in sustainable hardwood planks, which will be lightly airbrushed by their scenic artists to ensure that they blend with the surroundings.

The five pods are connected to the main trunk via enclosed glass walkways and each pod could house amenities such as a gym, spa, napping quarters with hammocks and tree-themed bunk beds, a vivarium or even a library.

Two years ago, Sergio Rosella cofounded The Master Wishmakers to create everything from luxury playhouses, themed children’s bedrooms and furniture. “Everything we do is about fun,” Rosella says. “It is always bespoke, and we just let our imaginations run wild.” All of the creations that come out of the company’s Northamptonshire workshop are handmade by master craftsmen and they pride themselves on the high standard of design, quality and attention to detail.

Though Rosella’s vision for the gift does not involve a living tree, he sees the project taking shape in a heavily wooded environment where the central structure would be virtually indistinguishable from its surroundings. Ideally, the recipient of this gift already owns a large woodland space in which to build the tree house, but it is not necessary. “If someone lives in the desert, we could easily import the trees,” Rosella says. “As we proved with the construction of Challis Island, this tree house is completely buildable in any given scenario.”

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