Sketching a playhouse concept

Our Approach to your Bespoke Playhouse, Bedroom, Furniture or Limitless Commission

When commissioning a bespoke creation from us, whether that is a luxury playhouse, a bedroom, a piece of furniture or even something such as Challis Island from our Limitless Collection it helps that you have full transparency over the process.

In our experience this allows the client and us to develop a meaningful and productive working relationship where you’re never left in the dark and always have a good idea about what’s coming next.

We always make sure that you, the client, have direct access to our designers via phone and and email throughout the entire process to put any questions that you might have to them. Perhaps you want to double check what type of wood we intend to use for the floor in your playhouse? Or maybe you simply want an update of the progress being made on your bespoke piece of children’s furniture? In this case they’d be happy to send you photos direct from the workshop.

We deliver unrivalled attention to detail to your bespoke design and we also believe that giving our customer service this same attention to detail is what makes the whole process stress free and wholly personable.

If you would like to see the whole commissioning process in full detail then head over to Our Approach page by clicking here.